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Our spices and tastes have their origins in the ancient world of the Orient and were introduced to Venice through the Silk Road. The result was a cuisine that fused many world and helped to enrich and produce these local fish recipes

la tartare di carne

€ 32

Piedmontese beef tartare with its toppings

Venice in a dish

€ 26

Creamed cod, canestrelli, grilled octopus, scallop, scampi

la piovra

€ 26

Octopus salad, datterino tomato, Taggiasca olives and basil

il carpaccio

€ 22

Marinated beef carpaccio with salad, 13 herbs and parmesan flakes

Culatello e burrata

€ 20

Culatello, burrata and Genoese focaccia

la tartare di tonno

€ 26

Ikejime bluefin tuna tartare with fluid caprese

gli spaghetti

€ 18

Spaghetti Benedetto Cavalieri with octopus amatriciana

il risotto

€ 18

Risotto with Sant'Erasmo vegetables with basil juice

le linguine

€ 23

Linguine di Gragnano IGP, small clams, datterino tomato and pink shrimp tartare

i tagliolini

€ 23

Fresh tagliolini pasta, black summer truffle, alpine butter and goose ham

il filetto

€ 30

Beef fillet with season vegetables

il vitello

€ 28

Milanese veal chop with black garlic mayonnaise

il branzino

€ 26

Mediterranean Sea bass with baked potatoes

il rombo

€ 25

Turbot fillet on eggplant parmigiana

la frittura

€ 28

Fried squid, shrimp and crispy vegetables

il pokè

€ 24

Vegan Pokè

il gelato

€ 10

House Ice cream

il tiramisù

€ 12

Classic Homemade Italian Tiramisù

la Millefoglie

€ 12

Millefeuille with custard and red fruits

la frutta

€ 12

Mix fresh fruit

la Tarte Tatin

€ 12

Apple Tarte Tatin with custard and vanilla ice cream