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Joe Tilson’s facade for Ausonia Hungaria

In a conscious mix of past and present, the cladding of the east facade, previously lacking decoration, was entrusted to the eclectic British pop artist Joe Tilson, under the artistic direction of Enzo Di Martino, through the application of polychrome tiles in Murano glass.

30 November 2019

Already in 2015, for the Biennale, the Ausonia Hungaria hosted a particular installation to present the decorative design project that would be applied to the facade in the ensuing years.

In 2018, with the coordination of the Superintendence for Cultural and Landscape Heritage, the ambitious intention finally comes to life. Joe Tilson created the largest Murano glass-art installation in Europe, covering over 400 square meters.

The old ceramic tiles are echoed in the new glass tiles, in an intense and fascinating dialogue, in which the references of the past are blend with visions of the present and future, creating a multifaceted work that arouses much admiration.


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